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The Message Voyager 1 Carries for Alien Civilizations


I love this video. But then again, I’m biased. Jude is an old friend and Paola is my lovely wife.

Joe Thompson & The Carolina Chocolate Drops

I truly enjoyed reviewing “Leaving Eden” on Head-fi. I’d like to think that this article was bigger than just a simple album review. And in grandiose moments, maybe it was about how the traditions of Africa and Europe overlapped to create the birth of American music.

Read Chasing The Frolic here or just simply watch old Joe Thompson go.

Fatoumata Diawara

I have to admit, I have a soft spot for music from Mali. I can’t help myself. Amadou & Mariam sing in such beautiful harmony that I’m sometimes moved to tears. Ali Farka Touré’s syncopated guitar twang moves me through space and time. And I get lost in Issa Bagayogo’s lilting baritone. There’s just something so exotic and yet so familiar about the music that comes out of that country; it sings to my soul. So imagine my surprise and happiness when I first heard about the new album from Fatoumata Diawara.

Read the full review here: Some People are Destined to Sing