Turn any picture into a funny video with Mad Lips. Here’s how it works. Choose any photo, record a video of yourself saying something silly, and place your talking lips or face on the image. It’s that simple! Featured in the App store around the world!

  • Top 10 Photography: Italy
  • Top 10 Entertainment: Israel
  • Top 10 Photography: France
  • What’s Hot: United States
  • What’s Hot: United Kingdom
  • What’s Hot: Canada
  • Più richieste: Italia

Use Mad Lips to:

  • Have Justin Beiber or Barack Obama send personalized love notes to your friends
  • Make your pets talk
  • Make your own Annoying Orange videos
  • Post the best birthday videos on your friends’ Facebook wall
  • Become a superstar on YouTube with your own creations

Here’s a wonderful review by The Wonders of Tech

Surprisingly, Mad Lips became a hit with educators and students around the globe used Mad Lips for school projects. We didn’t see that one coming. We just thought dudes would use talking monkeys to ask ladies out on dates. Just goes to show you that you never know how your products will be used.

Take a look at this great school write up by Class with Apps