My wife was pregnant with our daughter during our first autumn in New England. We were surrounded by the incredible light and color of the trees and plants all around us and all of that made its way into our daughter. As my wife’s belly grew, I started tracing her silhouette to track the growth. At first we used paper and pencils but that quickly evolved and took on a life of its own. Pretty soon we were playing with colors and began to mix natural ochres and handmade mulberry papers with Japanese Sumi-e ink.

Hospitals and birthing centers found us and wanted to hang our paintings. Friends heard about what we were doing and wanted to do it as well. Strangers started calling so we began to sell our pregnancy art prints kits and we made a lot of expecting new families very happy. I’m sure there are plenty of Art Bellies prints still hanging in rooms all around the country.

We even won a Mom’s Choice Award and were featured in the magazine Pregnancy & Newborn.